Hairdo’s that makes you glow


Today’s topic trend is all about Hair, Cuts and Colors! and the best part? Most Bloggers created How To’s about their Do’s!

Hey, girls! give your hair a better style.


Trendy styles by your fairy godmothers !!

1) Miss Pandora

Louise her looks and hairdo’s are a real treat and it might as well be the closest thing you get at time traveling with her references to past decades and art history.

2) The Glamourai

Kelly’s hairdo’s look all equally delicious on her, she’s a real chameleon and when it comes to cuts and colors she’s the best inspiration out there. Luckily for us she shares an amazing hair tutorial for curly locks on her blog! (Better get your curling iron out!)

3) Sea of Shoes
Lush red locks pinned up, side way bangs, messy, up do’s, you name it, Janedoes it all!

Plus, she gives us a tutorial as well!

4) Susie Style Bubble
Her Bangs and bun’s look modern and suit her sleek hair very well.

Besides, I don’t think I have ever seen someone wear the turban this well! (It might be the bangs peeping out!)

5) Fashion Toast
yesss, the messy bleached hair tips!

6) Cupcakes&Cashmere

see, I don’t only read Cupcakes&Cashmere for the food and recipes!
It so happens Emily gives the right ingredients for a lot of hairdo’s as well!

7) The Haute Pursuit

Another Lady that gets everything right! I love both the long and the short cuts on her and love how easy she creates new do’s! and what do you know.. another how-to!!

8) Style Scrapbook
I just love Andy’s side way bangs and beautiful brown locks!

9) Keiko Lynn
Simply put: I adore Keiko’s up do’s!

10) Wish Wish Wish

The beehive suit Carrie so well and I love her tutorial on the clip-in hair extensions!


11) Opium Poppies

What can I say? the long pink hair is a dream!!

12) Maffashion

What I really like is that these bleached and dyed hair tips go towards being ink dipped which gives me great ideas 🙂

13) Trop Rouge
I would just really want to wake up one morning having this hair!


14) Tape over Crystal

Lots and lots of gorgeous natural soft hair!

15) Victoria Törnegren
Totally my definition of Swedish Blond!
16) Love Aesthetics

Lilac hair and another tutorial!

17) The Quirky Stylista

Last but absolutely not least: the Quirky Stylista!

This blog is a hairdo heaven!!
These girls never fail their selves with their amazing hairdos !

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