How To Wear Pajama Tops Without Looking Like You’re In Pantulog

Pajama tops, trousers, and full sets don’t just belong in the bedroom. These days, it’s totally okay to wear them out—Selena Gomez, we’re looking at you. Dip your toe in the trend with these styling tips:

1. Keep silhouettes sleek and close to the body.

Tuck your top, pair your trousers with a crop top, show a bit off leg—anything to keep the oversized shapes from swallowing you whole.


2. Opt for rich, luxurious fabrics.

The new crop of pajama-style pieces often comes in beautiful silk or satin, but don’t disregard other materials altogether.


3. Glam it up with some fine jewelry.

Pile a delicate ring on each finger, decorate your ears with oversized studs, and drape a thin chain around your neck.


4. Your color palette of choice makes all the difference.

Shy away from stand-out shades and settle for subtle hues instead.


5. Wear with your fanciest pair of heels.

Everything looks instantly dressed up with the right pair of footwear.




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