Momma, worry less, pregnant women can still stand out

5 Fashion Bloggers Who Had KILLER Maternity Style

Pregnancy is filled with so many challenging things.  There’s the whole morning sickness bit and making sure you’re on the same page with your baby daddy about parenting styles aaannd…it’s a never ending list!

One of the things that drove woman go crazy was getting that bump of dressed each day!  As that baby grew bigger, their clothing options were shrinking.  During their second pregnancy,they started Knocked Up Fabulous to motivate them to stay away from my husband’s sweatpants and t-shirts, and to actually get dressed in real clothes and look presentable.

Back then there weren’t a lot of bloggers blogging about their maternity outfits.  Today, there’s a whole slew of hot mamas sharing their adorable, and obtainable, style!  If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to dress that bump, or if you know of a friend who needs some help in this department, take a peek at my top favorite fashionable moms!



WHO: Samantha from Could I Have That

WHY SHE’S SO FABULOUS: Samantha loves neutral colors and does a great job mixing her monotones with textures to create drool-worthy outfits.  She knows the value to getting investment pieces to incorporate into her already fabulous wardrobe.  Plus, she’s a fellow redhead.  Her adorable daughter is already three months old, but you can check out her maternity outfits here.


WHO: Delmy from Fashion Bananas

WHY SHE’S SO FABULOUS: I don’t remember how I came across Delmy’s blog, but I instantly fell in love with her easy, glamorous vibe.  She knows how to style her hair and rocks a bold lip like no other…both tricks make her look like a million bucks in any outfit that she wears!  Her little man was born during the summer of 2013, so you’ve have to browse her archives to search for ways how she dressed her bump.



WHO: Christine from Hello Fashion Blog

WHY SHE’S SO FABULOUS:  Besides for having cool, classy style, Christine also showcases her husband’s outfits on her blog.  It’s a one-stop shop for new families looking for some serious outfit inspiration!  I loved the casual approach of her style that she had during pregnancy.  You can check it out by searching through her past blog posts here.


WHO: Anna Jane from See Anna Jane

WHY SHE’S SO FABULOUS:  Anna has mastered that preppy, glamorous girl-next-door vibe.  She has great classic pieces and jazzes up her looks with amazing accessories.  (Hello, leopard print heels!)  She’s also a fellow Chicagoan and knows what it’s like to deal with these crazy weather extremes…and she still looks amazing regardless!  Get inspired by her past maternity looks here.



WHO: Cara Loren

WHY SHE’S SO FABULOUS:  I swear, Cara Loren must have been a model in a past life!  Girl knows how to work the camera!  She also did an amazing job dressing her bump during her second pregnancy.  Her style ranges from business to boho, but she looks great in it all!  Peek at her maternity outfits here.




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